Fauna Care: Innovative Spray Helps Horses Heal

The proof is in the photos!

A few years ago, Dr. Garret Cawthon developed a patented silver spray to help his son deal with a medical affliction that causes skin lesions (such as bed sores) as a side effect. The silver spray helped the lesions heal rapidly.

A lover of animals, Cawthon began to consider the possibility that a similar, animal-friendly formulation might work to help heal wounds in “all creatures, great and small.”

Enter David Ball and team. Ball, whose family includes several animals of various species, leads the Fauna Care team. Located in Pittsburgh, Fauna Care provides a highly concentrated silver-zinc product unlike any other. Fauna Care has helped all types of animals heal, from typical cuts and scrapes on dogs and cats, to injured sea turtles. Fauna Care products are waterproof and create a moisture barrier, which is helpful for aquatic animals and land-lubbers alike.

The products contain nearly zero surfactants — very little water, alcohol, etc. — so the products are not dilute; they do not run off the treated area. Once treated, the patented formula creates a barrier that stops dirt and microbes from getting in the wound while simultaneously (and seemingly miraculously) allows the wound to breathe and heal.

If the “proof is in the pudding” and “a picture’s worth a thousand words,” then the following series of photographs may make every equestrian’s heart sing. Warning: some of the photos are graphic.

Day one: Horse presented for treatment from getting tangled in a barbed-wire fence. (Note the flap of damaged skin excised and being held by the veterinarian.) All photos provided by Fauna Care.

Day ten: The horse was on antibiotics for the first five days. Starting on day six, the only treatment was twice-daily application of Fauna Care Silver Spray.

Day 25: The wound is coming together and shows no sign of infection or adverse bacterial/microbial growth.

Day 40: The wound is almost together; note there is no puckering of skin or reshaping of the muzzle, as might have occurred had the original wound been sutured together (if there had been enough skin left to suture, that is!)

The animal in the above photos was completely healed in fifty-two days.

Fauna Care products may be used for regular skin care as well, such as dry skin, sunscreen, antifungal, etc. for both prevention of and rapid cure of any fungal condition.

The creator of the product states that the products are formulated for animals to not want to lick it but if they do the ingredients aren’t harmful. Ball did state, “some animals get an upset stomach if they ingest too much of the spray.”

The Fauna Care introductory line of products have been available for about a year now. The company is focused on the equine market, at present, because the need for an effective, waterproof healing agent is so great. As equestrians, innovations that help our riding partners heal quickly and completely are welcome additions, so join us in wishing Fauna Care tremendous success!

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