Thursday Video: Two-Minute Trailer Corral

Once again, I’m having a hard time distinguishing between a “want” and a “need.”

The Kingstar Trail Lodge Horse Trailer might just be one of the coolest things we’ve seen this year (and it’s only February!)

Sure, we’ve seen some pimped-out human living quarters in trailers before, but this is the first time we’ve seen an all-in-one EQUINE living quarters, attached to the trailer itself. In under two minutes, this thing transforms from mere trailer to five-sided overnight corral — complete with canopy!

Kingstar Trail Lodge Horse Trailer

Finished product looks great! Demonstration of the automatic horse corral, shade awning and hay pods. Visit for more information or @kingstartrailers on instagram or call 480.686.1302

Posted by Royale Inc on Monday, February 4, 2019

It’s all fun and games until one of these motorized components breaks down, of course, but just imagine the ease with which you could make your way across the country, camping along the way, with your horse tucked into a corral every night so he could lay down comfortably and enjoy some fresh air.

What will they come up with next??

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