Photo Challenge: 36 Horses Feeling the Love

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be strictly for romantic love: here are 36 horses and readers showing their love in all sorts of ways.

Happy Valentine’s Day. We hope this collection of reader-submitted photos and stories gives you the warm fuzzies!

Jen Joines: @theminiadventuresofkricket hanging with me on a hike at Joshua Tree National Park
(Photo cred: my friend Ami Aldrich)

Katherine Turnbull: My ♥️ horse, Minnie, and I.
Photo credit to my mom, Elaine Turnbull.

Wesley Shroeder: By sleeping on me

KC Cordell: My old warmblood, Cal, used to gently take my glasses off my face or steal my hat. He never broke or tore anything. He was the best horse I ever had. In this pic we were both tired from a week of showing, I literally was falling asleep like this. Photo by Mary Lou Brannan.

Kimberly Odom: Ollie loves giving kisses and taking selfies.
Photo credit me

Becky Cocklin: Jazz, my little nugget, boss in the field but teddy bear to me! Love him to pieces. Photo Rough Coat Photography

Ally Carrier: Axis and I at the Kentucky Horse Park for the Thoroughbred Makeover, photo cred to my mom Michele Carrier

Jocelyn Mackie: She’s a kisser. (Taken by Debbie Martin.)

Myrna Crystal Campbell: They always meet me at the gate! Photo credit: Earl Campbell

Eva McGuire: This guy… Orlando Q. I just lost my TB Apollo and Q was a match made in heaven. This picture is after our first ride after I brought him home. I thanked him for being mine, and that he was helping to heal my broken heart. I also told him had found his forever home and would never be sold again and my trainer took this picture ❤photo credit Chelsea Canedy.

Jayme Landry Nault: I get tons of kisses and nuzzles, licks and nibbles from Milo (photo by myself)

Merrilyn Elise: My man Brando coming in for the snuggle. Every time I see this picture I tear up! Photo by Bethany P Photography

Amy Lakatos: (I took the photo)Ellie shows me the love by giving me all of her trust. I can put anything on her without having been trained. Bells across her chest and hindquarters, garland strands, hats, ribbons, ornaments, tarps, etc.
When she was 5, she slipped and fell while I was on her. She use to rear and slipped in the process one day. She should’ve fallen straight back on top of me the way it happened but she twisted and only landed on my leg. In an unenclosed area she kept her head down by me (untethered) till I decided it was safe to try to stand. She helped pull me up then calmly let me use her as a crutch to walk back to the barn when no one was around. She no longer rears while I’m on her back (just lots on the paddock as her go to playful move)

True love, taken by Christine Koski (mom)

Audrey Lynn Anderson: Atlas is the most affectionate guy ❤️ (Photo credit: Myself)

Jenny Narregan: My boy Sayyid, always looking for hugs and attention. Photo credit:Lydia Williams

Jen Balogh: Kisses while we “babysat” my friend and her horse during a clinic in an indoor. She also definitely used me as a head rest for nap time. 💜
Photo Credit: Jen Balogh

Delia Johnson: Me and my 25 years old QH, Keeper. Photo Credit: myself

Our horse, Sam, with the kids. He loves to put his lips right in your face. Photo by Amy Flemming-Waters

Jessica Phillips:
He lets me kiss his nosey! PC: me

Julie Walden Howard: Photo cred Craig Harris

Our daughters first pony poptart (left) and new horse marshmallow(right) photo by Jen Chapman

Jessie Green: One of my senior photos with my Saddlebred gelding. This was taken years ago and my horse has since passed, but it remains one of my favorite photos because Joey’s “hugs” were the best & always made me laugh. Photo by Greg Rec

Anne Ross Stone: PC: Wendie Aull

Breanna Tucker: My buddy Beau 💚 📷: Benjamin Charles

Karen Louise: Mac. Giving me my morning kiss! (Photo by me)

Jamie Condon: Hugs! Gabby and her mount, Tito. Photo by Jamie Condon Playtime Pastures

Ayla and her Icelandic horse Mári. Photo by Heidi Benson,

Stacey Morgan: Photo credit: Carrie Grant

Rich McCarthy: Me and Majestic

Lindsey Hellmuth Peirce: Photo credit Shelley Castle Erickson

Diana Olds: When a horse who comes so broken after being abused finiall shows you love and affection after almost 3 years of working with her. I could if pretty much cried in this photo. The first time my wild child Calypso finially came over to me to snuggle before riding. These are the moments that make my career in the horse world and all th dream chasing worth it. The smallest moments are typically the ones with the biggest impact💖💖💖.
Photo credit a selfie by yours truly. Fantastic thread !

Erin Long: “I LOVE YOOOUUU” taken by Clever Lark Photography

Lisa Kilpatrick: Kailie and Dune Buggy. Photo credit Gabrielle Ward sunflower photography.

Melisa Cwikla Boduch: Marshall, my gentle giant ♥️ Photo Credit: Sebastian Boduch

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday around the middle of the day on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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