World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Snowy Thrills

Rules: 1. Hang on tight. 2. Always bring your GoPro.

As much of the country braces for yet another snow storm, I’m reminded of my childhood growing up in New Hampshire and all of the stupid things we used to do the snow. It really is a miracle I’m still alive. From sledding off the roof of the house into the piles of snow below to “bowling” using a person on a snow tube as the bowling ball barreling into the “pins” which were none other than a row of their closest friends, it really is a miracle that I never ended up in the emergency room (not from those shenanigans at least).

One of my favorite stunts involved tying a sled to the back of my friend’s Thunderbird and taking it for a spin around the neighborhood. 30 mph feels much faster when there is nothing but a quarter inch of cheap plastic between you and the ground!

If by chance you find yourself looking for a thrilling activity to pass the snowy hours after this storm, please be smarter than I was when I was 16. This rider and her friend appear to have found a better variation of the Thunderbird-sled-pull, and while their version might be safer, it doesn’t appear they’re skimping on the fun!

Go World Equestrian Brands, and sorry Mom!

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