Friday Poll: How Do You Cross Surcingle Straps?

Remember that Twitter thing from last week that got everyone all kerfuffled? There’s an equestrian version. Because of course there is.

So if you somehow avoided seeing this mind-bender, here it is again:

The fact that anyone does this is any possible way other than #7 truly blows my mind, but then again, it takes all kinds of kinds to keep this world turning, so you do you, 1-6 and 8.

The other night, when changing out a blanket on one of my senior citizen horses, I found myself reaching for the surcingle strap and then subconsciously dropping that one and reaching for the other because it “felt wrong” on a cellular level.

Apparently, I can only cross surcingle straps — the ones under the belly, not the leg straps — if I buckle the back strap first, then cross the front strap over that. That’s back strap to front buckle, and front strap to back buckle, of course.

As far as I’m aware, there is no “right or wrong” way to do this as long as you’re crossing them; they’re going to cross the same way either way. But there’s certainly a way that we always do things… right?

So for our Friday poll, please respond: how do you cross your surcingle straps?

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