Thursday Video: Bit Guard Barn Hack

Well, my mind is blown.

Confession: on the rare occasion I’ve needed to use a bit guard, I’ve cheated big-time and purchased the interlocking variety that you can essentially snap open and closed to apply to your bit. The prospect of trying to stretch one of those rubber discs around the entire ring of a bit just seemed like a road I did not want to go down: I had visions of myself struggling in the tack room with two hoof picks and the bit held between my knees, fighting the good fight before ultimately giving up in tears.

And then, this video came along, and showed me just how foolish were my visions. Look at how easy it CAN be!

A great way to put on your rubber mouth guards. Thanks Laura for the demonstration and Susan Bowen for teaching her. Susan Bowen Laura Ferrante Smith

Posted by Kimberly Lennon-Freire on Saturday, January 26, 2019

Okay, well, now I feel simultaneously dumb and enlightened. Thanks for the barn hack!

Go riding.

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