Listen Up! The Equestrian Podcast with Bethany Lee is Making Strides

Unafraid to tackle some controversial topics as well as providing a look at the many facets of the horse industry, Bethany Lee’s new The Equestrian Podcast examines our dynamic industry.

Photo provided by Bethany Lee, My Equestrian Style/Equestrian Podcast

We’ve all heard the question: “but what kind of job can you get in the horse industry besides training horses?”

Cue eye roll.

More like what kind of job can’t I get in the horse industry, am I right?!

What so many non-equestrians don’t realize is how expansive and dynamic our industry is. There are so many aspects that keep it going, from breed associations to training to retail to nutrition to marketing to magazines to photography to breeding to the Olympics to saddle fitters to event management to…. well, the list goes on and on.

I mean… it is a billion dollar industry!

This is exactly what Bethany Lee of My Equestrian Style is addressing in her newly released project, the Equestrian Podcast.

Photo provided by the Equestrian Podcast

Bethany wanted to create a podcast that was for all equestrians of all disciplines and all careers. It’s not just about how to become a better rider or trainer, but it’s about professional tips for working students or the perspective of success from entrepreneurs. It’s about understanding how top riders handle adversity or discussing mental health in equestrians or learning about designing a Grand Prix show jumping course. It’s also covering topics that are controversial or what we don’t always want to talk about as equestrians.

“As an equestrian influencer and trainer, I’ve had the absolute privilege to meet and be mentored by some amazing leaders in the industry. I feel so fortunate because not many other equestrians get to experience that! That’s why I wanted to start The Equestrian Podcast — to try to bridge the gap across all disciplines, professions and levels of the sport,” Bethany explained.

We can only become better horsemen by understanding each other’s contribution to our industry and the ins-and-outs of each other’s disciplines. Bethany is planning on having guests from hunter/jumper, dressage, western, eventing, and even horse racing on the podcast. Judgement passed onto one discipline to another usually stems from lack of knowledge. This podcast is helping bring multiple types of equestrians come together to learn from each other and listen to their experiences.

Photo provided by the Equestrian Podcast

Bethany launched her podcast on January 1st and has released eight episodes weekly since! “We’ve had some amazing guests on who shared unique equestrian professions and their various struggles with body image and eating disorders, uphill battles to open a business, insecurity, and death and injury of loved ones and horses,” said Bethany.

Some of those episodes include guests Boyd Martin, Laine Ashker, Max Corcoran, Noelle Floyd, and Lucy Davis.

Photo provided by the Equestrian Podcast

“I hope listeners can relate to me more through the podcast and delve a little deeper into my triumphs and struggles and learn from my experiences. My goal has always been to try and educate the masses and divulge ideas to those who may not have access to top training and Bethany’s podcast serves as a vital portal to indulge the audience. I am both honored and humbled to have been a part of The Equestrian Podcast.” – Laine Ashker

The Equestrian Podcast can be listened to online at and is also available on Spotify and iTunes! You can also follow the podcast on Instagram @equestrianpodcast. You’ve got some catching up to do, but trust me, just like a good Netflix series – it’s worth the binge!

Claire Trafton is a junior consultant at Entrigue Consulting, a full-service equestrian marketing and brand agency. She has worked on multiple professional rider and equestrian brand accounts managing social media content creation and growth. Claire enjoys working with riders across all horse sports including dressage, jumpers and eventing, but in her spare time rides western from reining to pleasure. If you have any questions about social media, please contact Claire at [email protected].

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