Have You Taken the #CupOfTeaChallenge?

Taking “spill the tea” to a whole different level…

Have you heard of the #CupOfTeaChallenge? British dressage rider Charlie Hutton started the latest internet phenomenon in an episode of Omega Equine All Star Academy on Horse & Country TV.

The concept is simple: grab a mug of tea (or any liquid) and try not to spill any when you ride. Charlie attempted it without stirrups:

Others have taken the #CupofTeaChallenge while jumping:

We’re waiting for someone to try jumping without stirrups! Horse & Hound posted a roundup of riders attempting the #CupofTeaChallenge. Click here to watch them all.

Now it’s your turn! Take the #CupofTeaChallenge and share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag.

Go riding.

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