Total Saddle Fit Tuesday Video: Keeping Track

What do you do when your patients are shorter than the walker walls? Here’s one creative and adorable solution…

KESMARC — that’s Kentucky Equine Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Center — is one of the best equine therapy centers worldwide, providing top-notch rehabilitation and therapies for horses recovering from major procedures, injuries or just in need of a break.

With all of the latest therapies and technology, you might imagine that KESMARC has a high-tech answer to every conundrum. Sometimes, though, the simplest way really is the best — and when you have some short donkeys to keep track of on the walker, there’s an easy solution to always know where they are.

This is how weKeep track of our donkeys at Kesmarc!

Posted by Kirsten Joy Johnson on Sunday, January 27, 2019

There you go — from the best in the business, never lose your donkey or mini again!

Go riding.

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