Thursday Video: One-Horse Open Sleigh

What else would you do on a snowy morning in a small town but take your sleigh to the drive through?

While the McDonald’s stop was maybe a little incongruous for the overall scene, we certainly can’t blame these drivers for getting a nice cup of coffee to warm their hands, their bellies and their souls — after all, this scene in Farmington, Maine looks cold!

But once the sleigh makes the turn into the heart of this small town, oh, what a scene — ignoring the plow truck, one could really imagine what this little town would have looked like on a snowy morning a hundred years or more ago, with horse-drawn sleighs the main means of conveyance.

Take a little trip back through time and imagine:

Posted by Steven Wilson on Sunday, January 20, 2019

What a beautiful trip!

Go driving.

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