Photo Challenge: 24 Mounted Archers

Y’all are badasses.

So we always knew that we had the best readers in the world… but now we have definitive proof that Horse Nation also has the most hands-down badass riders in the world too. Check out this gallery of readers bringing back the ancient art of horseback archery!

Brooke Domino: Courtesy of Summer Crow Photos

Photo credit EBR photography

Abby Latchaw: photo credit Kimberley Beldam. #firsttimearcher

Serah Rose: Photo credit: Barbara Hofmann

Matthew Maiello: Old crappy picture but our 1st time ever many years ago. Credit Meagan Atkins

Shelby Piovoso: photo taken by Nancy Mckowen. Macey the war horse!

Annie Parsons: Photo credit to Marcy Baer.

Elizabeth Luce Photography , My photo but the rider/archer is Annie Parsons

AJ Moretz: Chant and I at a mounted archery clinic. Photo credit Amanda Moretz

Elizabeth Gonzalez Tinnan: Credit Running Rivers Photography

Christina Mathias Bradshaw: Mounted Archery without the bridle… on board my “life horse” Zoe. Photo credit Krista Mann

Leigh Koger Bishop: My daughter Kelsey credit LB Photos

Marcy Baer: photo – Scott Hodlmair

Erin Berkery: Just another courtesy of EBR Gold on my favorite pony Dallas.

Lindsey Hellmuth Peirce: Mounted archery with my heart horse, Graham Photo credit; Kristin Erlitz

Kristin Erlitz: Photo credit Erin Berkery!

Jessica Farren Photography is the photographer Katie Morwen Stearns is the archer.

Photographer Bill Edgar, riders Katie Morwen Stearns and Samantha Edgar

Diana Olds: Photo credit Bill ReynoldsReynolds of Team EBR! Photo from the Mason Dixion challenge in PA hosted by Chelee Warriors Mounted Archery

Erin Olive Ackley: Dazzle the wonder horse and photo by Lisa Nolan Ailport

Kimberly Beldam: Wow! Everyone’s photos are great!!
(Photo credit self via GoPro)

Gayle Placke: Arya and I performing at a ren faire
Photo credit Flying Hooves Archery

Miranda Arielle Flowers: My yearling Dutch warmblood filly I’m starting the desensitization process for mounted archery. She will eventually be my upper level dressage partner as well as doing mounted archery!
(Photo credit to myself from a video off my note 9)

Payton Schneeberg: Flash and I performing at Buffalo bills Wild West show at pine crest historical society. This is one of my faves. (Photo credit Brian Leach)

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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