Total Saddle Fit Tuesday Video: Making the Rounds

The most important role in the racing barn? Whatever you want to call this one.

Greeter in chief? Master of stall checks? We’re not really sure what you would call this particular position in the racing barn, but we’re definitely sure that this kid is growing up in the best possible way. Young Coco Carter enjoys making the rounds at Henry Dwyer Racing in Victoria, Australia, checking on each of her equine friends.

These horses seem to be in on the routine as much as Coco, lowering their heads for a pat and a kiss:

Doing The Rounds

Coco Carter doing the rounds at Henry Dwyer Racing!There are plenty of jobs to be done at the stables and Coco definitely has the best one ???How special is this?

Posted by on Sunday, January 13, 2019

Next time someone tries to tell you that racehorses are mean and crazy, do us a favor and pass them this link.

Go riding!

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