What If the Person Who Named the Walkie Talkie Named Equine Breeds?

A thought experiment by your friends at Horse Nation.


Ah, social media — sometimes we love ya!  If you’ve not yet caught up with the hilarity that follows from reading various posts on the though experience  “what if the person who named the Walkie Talkie got to name other things?”,  you’re missing out!

Some of my favs:

Stamps = Lickie Stickie
Defibrillators = Hearty Starty
Bumble bees = Fuzzy Buzzy
Pregnancy test = Maybe Baby
Bra =Breastie Nestie
Fork= Stabby Grabby
Socks = Feetie Heatie
Hippo = Floatie Bloatie
Nightmare = Screamy Dreamy

And there are many others, from cute to racy, and all ya have to do is look ’em up.

Pondering this, I decided to take the proverbial Cloven Bovine by the Prickie Stickies and have a bit of fun with our equestrian world…

First lesson pony = Thumpy Jumpy

Second lesson pony = Clucky Bucky

Gaited breeds = Runny Funny

Warmbloods = Hottie Trottie

Drafts = Thunder Under

Reining horses = Spinny Whinny

Ranch horses = Sporty Sorty

Saddlebreds = Fancy Prancy

Morgans = Hearty Carty

Arabians = Dishy Swishy

Paints = Splashy Flashy

Paso Fino = Pitter Flitter

Gelding = Mellow Fellow

Mare = Saucy Flossie

Stallion = Breed Steed

Schoolmaster = Oldie Goldie

What would YOU add to the list? Let us know in the comments section!

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