SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: What to Put in Your Equine First Aid Kit

What do you include in an equine first aid kit? What do you leave OUT? Dr. Lydia Gray goes through the list of what should and shouldn’t be in your first aid kit in this half-hour presentation.

Putting together an equine first aid kit for the barn or trailer can be a little bit overwhelming: it’s tempting to basically dump a mobile vet unit into the bag just to make sure you have EVERYTHING you could possibly ever need for any random, arbitrary situation. But that’s not a great idea — you’ll spend more time rummaging through all of those kinds of bandages and medicines trying to find what you REALLY need in a hurry.

Dr. Lydia Gray, SmartPak’s medical director and staff veterinarian, gave a presentation at the fall Equine Affaire in West Springfield, Massachusetts, detailing exactly what to put into your first aid kit — plus what you can probably leave out. While there are plenty of ways to tailor your first aid kit to include your favorite products and own personal tips and tricks, Dr. Gray’s presentation is a great way to get started!

Take it away, Dr. Gray:

Some helpful links from SmartPak:

What do you put in YOUR first aid kit? Let us know in the comments section!

Go riding.

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