Thursday Video: Draft Horses & Vineyards

Basically, my two favorite things.

There are few ways to improve on the classic beauty of a vineyard, the smooth miles of grape vines hugging the curve of the land in orderly rows. Most of my experience with wine is in consuming it in its final form rather than tangling with it still on the vine, but if some of the vineyards in the north part of my county along the lake would switch to horse power, I’d be the first one to sign up for a job.

Horses, after all, are the perfect fit for a vineyard — literally. Look at how neatly these pairs fit between the rows, drawing a small plow to loosen the soil at the base of the vines. For a vineyard conscious of things like fuel consumption and emissions, horses are the perfect low-impact fit for tending the grapes.

This drone comes from Cantina Di Filippo in Italy, which also appears to take guests on horse-drawn tours of the grape fields. Dream destination alert!

Posted by Daniele Cardullo on Thursday, December 27, 2018

What a lovely way to spend a day accomplishing real work with one’s team.

Go driving!

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