Photo Challenge: 9 Readers Going Bridleless

Look ma, no bridle!

Want to test how well your seat and legs are working in concert? Want to see how over-reliant you might be on your hands? Remove your bridle! My riding coach in college used to do that to me all the time, and over the course of four years, I definitely learned how to use the rest of my aids. These readers appeared to have no trouble at all!

Kelly Burns: Photo by Jen Cleere

Megan Gilker: Half Arabian JAG Lady Pegasus+/ “Peggy.” Photo by Julie Sutherland

My son Gavin and his first pony, Paisley (Arabian/POA), back in 2014. Photo by Erin Kavanaugh

Ashley Moniz: Me and my mare, Lokelani.
Photo credit: Marsha Latham

My daughter Maren Hanson and her pony Drake Photo Credit Christie Hanson

Lynn Howland: Photo credit Syd Howland

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Next goal-Derby cross bridleless

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Go riding!

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