Total Saddle Fit Video: Musculoskeletal System

This incredible 3D rendering of the galloping horse’s muscoloskeletal system is worth saving for future reference!

Bookmark this one, folks: this incredible 3D rendering “builds” a horse from the bone level on out, adding layers of muscling, fascia and fat, all the way up to skin and hair. It’s an amazing reminder of the intricate systems at work in our favorite animal and the way they all come together in one package that we know and love.

Without further ado:

Musculoskeletal System Digital

Musculoskeletal system of the horse. Julian Butler built the model and setup the simulation layers for Weta Digital's horse asset. This involved utilizing many different data resources including mocap acquisition, X-ray, CT-Scan and photography to build a working skeletal and muscle model structure with Weta Digital's proprietary FEM solving platform known as Tissue. Weta Digital, New Zealand

Posted by Veterinary Medicine – Videos on Tuesday, August 23, 2016


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