World Equestrian Brand Helmet Cam: A Good Lad

Contrary to the title, this is NOT a fail.

The original poster of this video titled it Fail Hack! I’d argue, however, that neither this ride nor this video is a fail at all. There is just so much to love here!

From the charming, English stable yard, to the familiar, friendly banter between horse and rider, this video is comfort food on the Great British Baking Show level. Sure. There’s a fair amount of spooking and bolting, but I don’t think that detracts from the video at all. If anything, it adds to its charm. The rider’s response to the spooks range from your standard “steady” to “Hedges, man. Scary stuff.” All of these responses are mixed in with a smattering of giggles and “good lads” indicating that everyone is still having a good time.

Currently many of us are dealing with cool-weather-induced friskiness. This rider’s cool head and great sense of humor is a reminder of what is needed to be successful when things get a bit hairy.

Go World Equestrian Brands, and go riding!

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