World Equestrian Brands Drone: Winter Wonderland

No need to grieve over winter’s arrival: just saddle up and get out there in the snow!

As the solstice draws nearer, the days grow shorter and our horses, once covered in slick shiny coats, now resemble something akin to woolly mammoths,  it’s becoming quite clear that winter is coming. As horse people, we have come to lament the winter time and all it brings: the frozen water buckets, paddocks covered in impossible-to-pick “poopsicles” and fingers so paralyzed by frigid temperatures that the prospect of buckling a noseband is as daunting as performing open-heart surgery.  As a Pacific Northwester, winter brings a very specific form of misery for me characterized by mud, vitamin D deficiency, and seasonal affective disorder.

Despite all the negativity generally associated with winter, let us not forget about the magic it can hold.  Trail riding through forests made enchanted by ice-covered branches, quiet, snowy mornings in the barn with horses munching happily on their hay, and galloping across an expanse of our very own winter wonderland are just a few things that make the season grand.

We’ve shared this video before, but it’s always worth viewing again when colder temperatures come around!

Go World Equestrian Brands, and go riding!

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