Total Saddle Fit Tuesday Video: Muscle Up

Working over raised cavaletti is a sure-fire way to help your horse’s topline… but this video really illustrates WHY.

Scroll through your favorite social media horse group and you’ll find lots of variations on a theme: equestrians looking for a silver bullet that will build up their horse’s topline so they can better carry a rider.

Spoiler: there is no silver bullet. But there are a few ways that will help when working in concert:

  • Good feed with protein to help a horse build muscle
  • Slow correct work that encourages the horse to stretch his head down and lift his back
  • Working up and down hills (I do a lot of this in-hand in the winter since I’m myself spending more time inside sitting around!)
  • Working over cavalleti — raised, once your horse understands the concept

This video might be one of the best visual illustrations of that last step: watch in slow-motion as the highlighted muscle groups on this horse engage over raised cavaletti:

Love this video illustrating muscle action and the benefits of trot poles! Taken during a demo last week at Aberystwyth last week. Notice the alteration in posture as the Mare goes through the poles. Core muscle recruitment!! As well as increased joint movement.#horsesinsideout

Posted by Gillian Higgins on Monday, April 23, 2018

Hopefully that inspires you to make the most out of your winter stuck in the indoor!

Go riding.

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