Thursday Video: No Idea What’s Happening Here…

… but if this is what happens at this party, I definitely want an invitation.

Imagine this: you’re sitting at the dinner table for the annual company Christmas banquet, making small talk with Susan from accounting and Jeff from shipping, when the double-doors bust open and in marches… this thing.

It appears to be a Friesian-esque kind of horse, ridden by a guy in one of those creepy body socks, totally bedecked in some kind of battery-powered Christmas lights. You know what? The “what” is not important… nor is the “why” or the “how” or the “who.” All that’s really important is that THIS FREAKING HAPPENED.

Le cheval de lumière de Mario Luraschi à l'intérieur de la Rotonde, moment féerique.

Posted by Nicolas Chotard on Sunday, December 2, 2018

Was anyone else extremely nervous about the shiny, slippery-looking floor? The horse must have been outfitted with some pretty specific shoes for grip as he never slipped an inch!

Go riding.

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