World Equestrian Brands HelmCam: Drive Me Crazy

If you thought eventing was a wild ride, try the driving equivalent of cross-country and pilot a horse AND a carriage through those obstacles…

While many may associate driving events events with ornately-braided teams of horses, elegant dresses and fancy top hats, the world of combined driving offers a completely different experience for those interested in using actual horsepower to propel their set of wheels. Composed of dressage, marathon and cones phases, horses and drivers are tested on their accuracy, precision, and speed in the combined driving discipline.  The marathon phase, which is frequently compared to the cross-country phase in three-day eventing, requires horses and drivers to move through obstacles at dizzying speeds.

Take a few minutes and let this amazing little mare take you on a wild ride through the TCA Black Star CDE marathon course.  The obstacles would require incredible coordination and agility to navigate even without a cart trailing behind you.  This impressive team makes the difficult track seem like child’s play.

Go World Equestrian Brands, and go driving!

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