#NoStirrupNovember: We Made It, Horse Nation!

Tomorrow is December 1… which means that if you can walk, you can hustle back to the tack room and put your stirrups back on your saddle! We made it through another #NoStirrupNovember!

Congratulations, Horse Nation! Whether you went cold-turkey and pulled those stirrups and locked them away for a month, or you took a strategic approach and worked your way into No-Stirrup November a little more gradually, there’s no doubt you’re feeling the results of a month of hard work. Stronger legs, a better base of support, increased core strength and improved balance are just a few of the perks of kicking your own butt this past month.

Here are your triumphs:

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Unfortunately all the riding pics from this shoot are blurry but that won’t stop me from sharing them. Sometimes you have a day where everything just goes wrong ??‍♀️ An old photographer buddy of mine didn’t shoot horses for a long time and wanted to get back to it so I told him I’d get Spekkie ready. First Spekkie was very annoying because he really doesn’t like bandages around his behind legs, so he kept moving. Then when I finally finished I realized all the bandages were upside down and that looked really weird with the logo so I had to do it all again ? When we finally made it to the woods Spekkie was very fresh so I wanted to canter him a little to let the tension go. So I just started to canter and then my stirrup somehow fell off and I also realized I forgot to tighten the girth so that’s why my saddle pad is weird ? then it turned out the photographer didn’t bring the right lenses so that’s why all pics are blurry. But we had a good laugh though ? • • • • ? by Bert Kroeze Fotografie • • • • • #equestrianfashion #horsebackriding #dressagerider #horsestyle #equinestyle #dressurpferd #hengst #stallion #spanishhorse #dressagehorse #galop #instahorse #ilovemyhorse #eskadron #eskadronoutfits #equestrianlife #myhorse #horserider #horselovers #horseoftheday #soulhorse #horsephoto #andalusian #canter #horses #cantering #nostirrupnovember

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Look at my boo! #nostirrupnovember ? #elvenstaroc

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Gymkanna #2?? #nostirrupnovember

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Until next year, No-Stirrup November! Go riding.

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