HN Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for the Eventer in Your Life

This holiday guide is written by eventers, for eventers (or those who love them and want to get something they’ll really love this year).


Holiday greetings from HN’s token eventer and editor of sister site EN! If you have an eventer on your shopping list this year, you’ve come to the right place. I am here to share a few facts about our unique equestrian species — and the perfect gifts to compliment them!

We are color coordinated. 

We are obsessive compulsive about our cross country color schemes, and they have a funny way of creeping into every aspect of our lives. Help fuel the fire with a matchy-matchy gift. Let’s just say, for instance, your eventer’s colors are red and blue:

SmartPak Soft Padded Leather Dog Collar with custom accent collar ($25.95 from SmartPak); Stock Tie in Stakes Race ($65 from Stock Tie); Stars and Stripes Socks ($9.99 from SoxTrot); Custom Ear Bonnet in Checkered Navy with Bright Red and Silver ($85 from Frilly Fillies); Custom Vinyl Monogram ($4+ from Brighton Beach Designs); Southern Sweet PGH Made to Order Browband in Red/White/Blue ($85 from Etsy); Majyk Equipe Color Elite XC Boot with ARTi-LAGE Technology ($99.99 front, $115.99 hind from Majyk Equipe).

We get banged up.

Our sport is predicated on galloping at high-speed toward solid obstacles — and things don’t always go according to plan. As a result, we tend to accumulate more bumps and dings than the average bear. Pamper your eventer with the gift of a massage gift certificate or therapeutic product.

Draper Body Therapy Travel Blanket ($30 from Draper Therapies); Diamonds in the Dirt Savvy Muscle Creme for Rusty Equestrians ($28 from World Equestrian Brands); Professional’s Choice Miracle Knee Support ($61.95 from Professional’s Choice); Draper Body Therapy Ladies Long-sleeved Blue T-Shirt ($65 from Draper Therapies); Dr. Teal’s Three-Pack of Epsom Salts ($26.95 from Amazon); Noel Asmar Scented Candle ($45 from SmartPak); Horseware Rambo Ionic Wrist Support ($11.95 from SmartPak). 

We have a lot of STUFF. 

Like three times the normal amount that any normal equestrian should own. Keeping up with three phases is hard work, but these gifts can help your eventer organized.

Professional’s Choice Trailer Door Caddy ($34.95 from Professional’s Choice); Magnetic Stud Dish ($16.95 from SmartPak); HWH20 Waterproof Bag ($64.95 from Horseware); SmartPak Grooming Tote ($15 from SmartPak); Shires Learn-a-Test ($6.50 from SmartPak).

But we always need MORE stuff. 

Here are a few of the most beloved horsey gifts I’ve received over the past year or two, inspired by my 14-hand event pony Princess, with a tribute to my 29-year-old unicorn Mishka and my deeply missed heart horse Esprit.  (Confession: The pom-pom helmet cover was a gift to myself, and to the world, really. Who can resist a chuckle seeing a full-grown woman on a little pony gallop past with THAT on her head?)

Cranberry Dapple Hat Cover ($20.42 from Stockinjur); 14 Hands Wine (prices vary); Tiara Brooch (prices vary, from Etsy); Roma Glitter Flower Crop ($11.95 from Dover Saddlery); Custom Felt Ornament from Made Known Loved (prices vary, from Etsy).

Most of all, we love our horses. 

My “Dear Santa” lists as a kid were always headlined by items like “Vial of Adequan” or “Gallon of ShowSheen.” My parents would be like, “Are you sure? Don’t you want something for yourself?” What they didn’t understand: A gift to my horse IS a gift to myself — there’s no better gift in the world than a happy, healthy horse.

If your horse could write Santa, what would he or she ask for? Here’s an excerpt from Princess’ dream “Dear Santa” list. Notice the thinly veiled food/backrub/warm blankie theme — although I did edit her original snack preferences, which entailed straight-up bags of sugar cubes, to low-sugar and low-carb choices. Sorry, Princess! “Santa” knows best.

E.A. Mattes Grooming Mitt with Double Sided Sheepskin ($26 from World Equestrian Brands); Crunchits Low Sugar Horse Treats ($6 from World Equestrian Brands); Equilibrium Therapy Massage Mitt ($225 from World Equestrian Brands); Draper Equine Therapy Quarter Sheet ($160 from Draper Therapies); Legends CarbCare Balancer Pellet (from Southern States). 

Happy Holidays from the Nation Media family. Go Riding!

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