World Equestrian Brands No-Pilot Drone Cam

How would you like to have your own personal sky cam follow you on every ride? Apparently, this is a thing now.

V-loggers, take note: there are more options for videoing oneself on horseback than ever. Here I am, personally tickled because I finally figured out a good way to set up the front-facing camera to catch snippets of me and Jobber out in the field (involving the creative use of small rocks and fenceposts and then attempting to stay within the field of the camera — it works about 70% of the time) and these folks are rigging up their own personal drones to follow them around while they ride.

The Skydio drone, which is what took this video, is pretty slick — it weights about two pounds, is equipped with 13 cameras, has a supercomputer inside that is constantly learning about its environment so it can zip around without crashing into a tree and then eventually become our robotic overlord, and takes smooth, gorgeous video.

The tricky part might be 1. convincing your horse that it’s not, in fact, going to swoop down out of the sky and kill it and 2. convincing yourself that you actually need one. I do have to think that this would take some cool video on pasture-rotation day when I’m out moving all of our cattle…

Having so much fun with this new drone from Skydio. It’s amazing!! It follows me all by itself without anyone controlling it. #skydioMake sure you checkout the website

Posted by Amy Bowers on Sunday, November 25, 2018

Pretty cool stuff. If I were a dressage rider with fancy-prancing skills, I’d definitely consider one for taking gorgeous videos like this one. With the Skydio coming in at a cool $1999, I think I’ll leave it off the Christmas list this year.

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