Lighthoof Video: Multitasking Like a Boss

For all those times you’ve thought to yourself “man, I really want to finish reading this book but the horses need to get worked.”

When I was a kid, I read books pretty much all the time. My parents asked me daily not to read at the dinner table (breakfast and lunch was OK). If it were possible to read a book in the shower, I would have done it. My mother used to shriek at me when she saw me reading while walking down the stairs (I only fell a few times).

One of the few places I was not actively attempting to murder myself via book distraction was at the barn. Around the horses, I was 100% focused… because horses were the other huge love of my life at that age, of course.

When I see this guy, however, it does occur to me how many hours I could have spent doing both:

Having some relaxing days at the office ??‍???? #SkjoniTheGoldenHorse ?Reading the last edition of Tølt – Rikke Munk Madsen??Do you need more fun at your Office?

Posted by Nils-Christian Larsen on Monday, November 20, 2017

Okay, having a smooth-tölting Icelandic horse certainly makes that whole reading-and-riding thing a bit easier.

Go riding!

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