SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Last Day For Black Friday Savings!

Good news, bargain hunters — SmartPak’s Black Friday sale for 15% off is good through the end of the day! If you need some inspiration, here are a few things that caught our eye…

I won’t lie: all of the Black Friday hype always gets me anxious that I’m behind the eight ball when it comes to my holiday shopping. Fortunately, I just took a peek at the calendar and there are four full weeks before Christmas Day, so if that’s the holiday you’re aiming to do all of your gift exchanging, take a deep breath with me and know we’re not running behind.

That said, if you want to take advantage of SmartPak’s Black Friday savings — that’s a healthy 15% off, plus an additional 5% if you have an association membership — you are running out of time. The sale runs through the end of today… but we’ve done some internet window shopping for you to kick-start your inspiration.

For your barn bestie: Piper Quilted Vest

Everyone loves a cozy layer that still leaves you mobile! Bonus — you can personalize this vest with your bestie’s name, her horse’s name or your barn name. (And at that price, get yourself one to match!)

For the barn dog: The Perfect Tug

As the owner of an obsessive barn dog who will pick up nearly everything to play tug of war or fetch with, much to the detriment of her teeth, I can tell you that there’s no barn that doesn’t need a designated dog toy that makes everyone happy.

For your holiday horse sitter: In the Middle Are the Horsemen

I don’t know when SmartPak started carrying books from Trafalgar Square but I LOVE it! And I particularly love this title by Tik Maynard — I’m halfway through and my review will be coming soon, but I can tell you already that every horseman needs this in their library.

For your students or fellow riders: Noble Outfitters Peddi Socks

These SmartPak Exclusive socks are eligible for the holiday discount! If you have a lot of folks to shop for, such as a full slate of students or a lot of fellow boarders, take it from me — everyone always needs/wants/loves socks. I know it’s the punch line to every Christmas gift joke ever, but seriously, these are great socks.

For your horse: SmartCookies

Look, you can try to convince yourself that your horse really wanted a new blanket or custom halter or therapeutic magic boots or whatever, but if there’s one thing I know about horses, all they really want is food.

For yourself: SmartPak Ultimate High Neck Turnout Blanket

I lied and told myself this was for Jobber, but it’s really for me: there’s nothing that beats the peace of mind that comes with a great blanket even on the nastiest nights of the winter. The high neck protects his chest and shoulders from heavy downpours of rain or snow, and the ultimate ten-year guarantee means that I can return this thing at any time should it fail for a replacement, no questions asked. I’ll take that peace of mind under the tree, thank you very much.

Shop the full sale here!

Go riding.

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