How to Stuff a Pony Under Your Christmas Tree

A holiday shopping guide for the equestrian in your life.

With Thanksgiving done and dusted, Christmas is right around the corner. If you find yourself sweating bullets at the thought of shopping for the equestrian in your life, never fear! Whether that special someone is a best friend, a significant other, or YOU… keep this article nearby as you check those horsey people off your list this year (or shamelessly share it on Facebook or hang it on the fridge so those shopping for you are sure to see it). While we’d all love another pony under the tree, that’s not always feasible, so here are ten gift ideas ranging from stocking stuffers to bigger-ticket items that are sure to bring a smile to any equestrian’s face!

1. Back on Track Therapeutic Mesh Sheet (or really, any Back on Track item!)

Starting out with the big guns! It’s no surprise that Back on Track (“BOT”) goodies are often at the very top of any equestrian’s Christmas/birthday/you-name-it list. If you’re unfamiliar with BOT products, these best-selling items are made with state-of-the-art Welltex material which reflects the horse’s own body heat to create a soothing, infrared thermal effect. This may be helpful for horses with sore backs, aching muscles, or arthritic horses prone to stiffness. Beneficial for all levels of riding ranging from trail riding to intense showing, this gift may be best suited for someone who owns their own horse and wants to give them a little extra pampering.

Image via SmartPak

I’ve been drooling over one of these for quite some time now and adore my BOT Quick Wraps. These can be bought from the Back on Track company itself, through certified dealers, or purchased through third-party retailers such as SmartPak. They come in a variety of colors including burgundy (pictured), hunter green, navy, and traditional black, and start at $199 for the smaller sizes. If you get lucky, they usually have some good Black Friday deals!

2. Quarter Sheet 

Image via SmartPak

If your horse enthusiast rides throughout the winter, a quarter sheet or fleece may be a neat addition to their equine wardrobe! With the primary benefit being similar to a horse cooler, quarter fleeces are worn during riding and contain thermal and moisture-wicking properties to keep your steed cozy and comfortable during chilly rides. I love this one from Rambo, but there are certainly cheaper options out there! This Rambo Competition Sheet can be purchased here through SmartPak for $94.95 and can even be monogrammed for that extra special touch.

3. Saddle Pads

Image via SmartPak

We all know it’s true… you can never REALLY have too many saddle pads, and SmartPak’s AP Saddle Pad has you covered! Priced at only $19.95, these pads hold up well and come in a plethora of colors to match all your color schemes. I’ve had mine for years now and it’s still holding strong! With monogramming starting at just $9.95, one (or two, or three…) of these are sure to please this Christmas!

4. Personalized Set of Brushes

Image via Etsy

A fabulous idea regardless of whether you own your own horse or not, a set of personalized brushes are a thoughtful way to jazz up your grooming kit! Perhaps you’d like your name or your horse’s name engraved on them, or even your barn’s name and logo, the options are endless! This particular set can be found here on Etsy with custom brushes starting at just $19.99.

5. Portable Grooming Organizer

Image via SmartPak

Now you can’t just leave all those nice brushes strewn throughout the black hole that is your tack trunk, can you? An alternative to a traditional grooming tote, this portable grooming organizer found on SmartPak has enough storage to hold all of your grooming tools! These are nice because you can either hang them on a stall door, or hang them in your trailer to keep everything neat and tidy (if there is such a thing in horse world) when you’re on the go! Starting at $41.95, these can also be embroidered for that extra special flair.

6. Engraved Stall Sign

Image via OTTB Identity

For the rider who seems to already have it all, you can NEVER go wrong with something personalized! For example, stall signs are a great gift for those who either have their horses stalled at home or those who want to add some personality to their stall at a boarding barn. Check out these beautiful bracketed stall signs from OTTB Identity – perfect for any off-track thoroughbred owner. These start at $27 for brass. Similar signs can be found at online tack sites such as Dover Saddlery, SmartPak, or even Etsy.

7. Personalized Leather Goods

Images via Quillin

Staying in the personalization vein (because let’s be real, engraving/embroidering/monogramming will never go out of style), there are a variety of small, family-owned leather and tack shops scattered throughout the country that hand-make exceptionally high-quality leather goods! Quillin Leather & Tack is my personal favorite and is the largest custom leather shop in the nation. They make halters, check book covers, key tags, name plates, office supplies, pet supplies – the list is endless, and all items are made to order, never mass produced! Pictured here are some of their beautiful customizable key chains and checkbook covers (gotta keep the checkbook from which all pony board checks come safe, right?).

8. Engraved Leather Halter

Nylon halters can be good for day-to-day catching and releasing of horses, but everyone needs that go-to quality leather halter. I would say the three most popular shops for gorgeous leather halters would be Quillin (mentioned above), Albright, and Tack Shack of Ocala. I have personally had halters from both Quillen and Tack Shack, and to be honest, it would be difficult to choose a favorite!

9. A Funny Horsey Mug

Image via Amazon

Alright, stepping away from tack-like things, a funny coffee mug is always a safe bet when shopping for any coffee/tea/hot chocolate addict. Priced at $13.99, this particular mug found on Amazon is one of my favorites I’ve seen. The only reason we work so hard is so our horse(s) can have all the things, right? Secretly hoping my hubby sees this one on my Amazon Wish List this Christmas…

10. The Gift of Possibilities

Finally, if you still have NO idea what to surprise your equestrian with, it’s always safe to tuck a gift card into their stocking! Popular choices might be SmartPak, Dover Saddlery, or even eBay (who doesn’t love used-priced tack?).

Regardless of who you’re shopping for this Christmas, these ten horsey finds should hopefully serve as a good starting point or at least get your creative juices flowing. Remember, it’s the thought that counts. Your equestrian will ultimately just appreciate the fact that you realize how horse-obsessed they are. Happy shopping!

Life is short – buy the horse!

My name is Emma Masse and I’m a jumper/eventer from Columbia, Missouri. I’m an OTTB fanatic and will probably only ever own OTTBs. Currently, my personal horse is a 5 year-old OTTB gelding named Briggs (JC Doctor Demento).

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