Performance of the Week: Ijsbrand Chardon

Ever seen a four-in-hand do a keyhole? You’re about to.

Every time I watch a video from the FEI Driving World Cup, I always wonder why on earth this sport hasn’t caught on in the US. The stands are packed, the music is bumping and the crowd is going wild for the winning drive from Ijsbrand Chardon and his talented four-in-hand.

The German leg of the FEI World Cup presented a challenging course indeed: opening with what looks like, for all intents and purposes, a western speed games keyhole except with four horses and a carriage, the various obstacles present some real twists and turns that need to be navigated with both speed and precision. The fact that Chardon is splattered with mud from an INDOOR competition at the end should tell you just how fast this guy was going, especially through the water…

Winning Round | FEI Driving World Cup – Stuttgart 2018

The man with a plan! Last in and Ijsbrand Chardon brought his A-game! Tackling the track with fierce precision, it was the Dutch champion and his almighty team who stole the show at the Stuttgart German Masters for the FEI Driving World Cup, coming home with the win! ???

Posted by FEI Driving on Saturday, November 17, 2018

What is there not to love? Exciting, easy to understand, and gets the crowd involved — we really need to add a US leg to the World Cup and get this sport on American soil to build a new community of fans!

Go driving.

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