Video: Look, When You See a Distance…

…you take it.

Hey, if life were perfect, we would always find a parking spot by the entrance, it would always be sunny on the weekends and we would always find our distance in just the ideal spot.

Life, as we all know, is far from perfect. And sometimes you just gotta take whatever distance you see. Even if it means taking off from another zip code.

Grab maaaaaaaane:

LADY BUTTONS with Adam this morning. This is what you call scope! ??

Posted by Philip Kirby Racing on Saturday, November 17, 2018

Now I’m a notorious long-spot-lover. I managed to trick myself into thinking that jumping out of stride felt like I was burying myself too close to the fence. And even I admit that this spot is just a wee bit long.

Well done to this scrappy mare and her pilot, who clearly both have some ice in their veins!

Go riding.

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