SmartPak Monday Morning Feed: Elastikon Review

Stocking your equine first aid kit? Check out SmartPaker Kerri’s review of the Elastikon Bandage Tape and you won’t want to be without!

When it comes to treating minor injuries at home, we as horse people have an overwhelming array of options: is the old-school way the best way? Or is there a new material or treatment that will get my horse back to normal faster? Should I stick with what’s always worked for me, or is there something better that I just haven’t tried yet?

Lest you drive yourself mad with all of these questions, our trusted friends at SmartPak have done some of that heavy lifting for us: I’ve personally never used Elastikon Bandage Tape in my personal first-aid kit, but after watching SmartPaker Kerri’s first-hand review, I think I’ll have to stock up on some to have around — because of course, equine injuries never happen when you’re fully prepared for them!

Going into my second week of battling an abscess with my horse, I’m pretty confident I’ve figured out the wrapping method that works best for us… for now. But keeping some Elastikon in my arsenal doesn’t look like such a bad idea!

Go riding.

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