Performance of the Week: Accidentally Bridleless

Sure, those bridleless reining performances have been wowing us since the sport was invented. But what about when you never intended to drop that bridle at all?

We’re fairly certain that Dan Huss never knew Ms Dreamy’s final performance before retirement would ever be THIS memorable.

The superstar mare was slated to hang up her sliders after the AQHA World Show — she’d already had a heck of a year, representing the US at the World Equestrian Games and helping to earn team gold. A good crowd turned out to see the mare’s last performance, but they were treated to even more of a show than they were expecting when Ms Dreamy’s bridle fell apart heading into the first circle.

From Huss’s reaction, you’d think he had planned it — he simply scooped up his reins, then reeled in the dangling headstall and bit into the second circle and kept on showing. For her part, Ms Dreamy lived up to her name — never once did the mare come out of the bridle that no longer existed or give any other indicator that this was anything other than routine. It’s a testament to her training that she was foot-perfect for the rest of the pattern.

Bridless Reining – Dan Huss & Ms Dreamy

The #AQHAWorldShow is full of excitement and success, but this moment from the senior reining finals is sure to warm the hearts and spirits of horse-lovers everywhere. In the middle of Dan Huss’ run with Ms Dreamy, the bridle broke. Instead of stopping, Dan scooped up the hardware and kept on trucking – making this a once-in-a-lifetime moment on a once-in-a-lifetime horse. This is also Ms Dreamy’s final run before her retirement. What a way to go out – ears up and all.

Posted by American Quarter Horse Association on Saturday, November 10, 2018

We can conspiracy-theorize all day about how the bridle fell apart — maybe Ms Dreamy snapped a connection when she itched her face between spins; maybe a Chicago screw popped loose. But in the end, it doesn’t matter, because Ms Dreamy gave us a ride to remember.

Happy retirement, Ms Dreamy! Go riding.

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