World Equestrian Brands Helmet Cam: Police Horse

Think YOU have a bombproof horse? Check out this casual police horse practice, complete with fire, smoke and siren.

While we might work hard to bomb-proof our show and trail horses, no one can hold a candle to a working police horse and the kinds of obstacles and distractions they’re used to handling with quiet fortitude and ease. While police horse programs start with naturally quiet, unflappable equines to put through their rigorous training program, there’s a lot of training and practice time that goes in to making the perfect mount.

This casual practice session, as an example, includes a little fire, a little smoke, a little flashing lights and wailing siren, and these horses are just marching along like they’re in an up-down lesson with some brand-new riders. Impressive!

WARNING: the siren in this video is LOUD. Adjust your volume accordingly.

That does it mean the police horse ? Loud siren ? Training day

? Loud siren ? Training day@finn_the_police_horse

Posted by Horse Tribute on Thursday, October 25, 2018

A big shout-out to our mounted officers all over the world — this is a great insight to the kinds of things you and your horses face in your line of work!

Go riding.

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