Photo Challenge: 2018 Halloween Costume Parade

Trick or treat! It’s our favorite photo challenge of the year — the annual costume parade! Check out how your fellow readers went all-out with their horses this year.

Our much-beloved Halloween tradition: the Horse Nation costume parade! We’ll let the costumes speak for themselves and get right to it this year:

Lisa Spahkles Doyle. Photo credit to Pamela Groom

Photo credit: Tracey Woods

Tucker the miniature horse as ‘Jaws’ the shark with diver in shark cage and jellyfish! I am the photographer, Jacque Luce Woodward of Woodward Performance Haflingers

KC Cordell: This was Caliber and I playing the grim reaper. It was pretty awesome. Cal passed away in 2017, I miss him a lot. Photo by Jacquie Moore.

My draft mare Butters dressed up as the My (not so) Little Pony Applejack. Photo by Anita Kennedy

Elmo the horse as Elmo. The rider is Dorothy the goldfish (Elmo’s best friend). Photo by Tina Henley-Simmons

Christy Castle: Bride and groom
Photo credit Cindy Castle

Lexi Poteat: Jesse and Bulls eye aka Lexi and Denny photo by Tiffany Jones Crumbley.

Jen Ruberto: Photo credit Laura Wiencek

Sarah Freeman: Elsa and Sven PC Kelly Zabroski

Stephanie Cordell: pc Shea Cordell

Stephanie Tripodi: Photo credit Linda Anne

Kathy Walsh: Homecoming queens pc Sarah Walsh

Arthur pony dressed as the Cowardly Lion with owner Hannah Boucher as Dorothy. Photo by Kristin Starr

Beth Behrens: Photo credit Kathy White.

Brett Alexa Currie: Super Krikit
Photo credit Allison Major.

Rocky The Mini
Photo credit: Sam Breitling

Scout as his registered Pinto name “Batman” and his little buddy Oly as Robin! Photo by Darla J Michelau

Kayla Woods: “Hold Me Closer Tiny Dancer” Fizzy and “Elton John” photo by Conner Photography

Justine Rose: Photo cred La Perch Dorann

Rocky in his war pony paint for his bareback dressage class, photo by Alycia Skye Bardon

Keep an eye out for next week’s 24-hour photo challenge! We announce challenge subjects on Monday afternoon on both Instagram and Facebook.

Go riding!

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