KER Friday Video: Watching & Learning

Later, back at the stall, we’re sure this dog will have plenty to say: “You really need to pick up his shoulder around the second, Karen. I could see it from where I was sitting.”

For the first two and a half years of her life, my border collie grew up at a college equestrian center where I was working as a coach and instructor — lucky me to have a job in which my dog could come along, especially for a high-octane breed. Sage grew up with plenty of college students to dote on her, and plenty of entertainment through the windows of my office, the classroom and the viewing room. Students would laugh daily to see her black and white face pop up over the windowsill — she supervised practice from above as I taught from the center of the ring. Now that I’m teaching a few private students at home on the side, Sage is still watching, and presumably still judging us all from my students to my horses to my teaching style.

Herding breeds, man. They’re never just content to hang out at the barn or the horse show. No, those persistent little buggers have to WATCH your every move.

This dog watching all the runs is probably the highlight of my day.

Posted by Meagan Dean on Thursday, October 25, 2018

Hey, at least everyone here seems to be enthralled — canines included.

Go riding!

The WEG feed and forage team from Kentucky Equine Research is hard at work getting the first flights of horses set up. About 170 eventing, endurance, dressage, and reining horses have arrived on the venue so far. As horses arrive from abroad, they transfer from the airport to post-arrival quarantine on the venue. Most horses will require a delivery feed and forage to tide them over during the 42-hour quarantine. When the horse is released, anything brought into quarantine has to be disposed of, so a separate order of feed and forage needs to be available when they arrive at competition stabling. Fulfilling these double orders has the team hopping! Stay up-to-date with the latest from behind the scenes at WEG:

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