Just Some ‘Let’s Get This Bread’ Memes For Horse People

We at Horse Nation try to stay on top of current cultural trends, and while we might not totally understand them all, we’re just gonna go along with it. Therefore: let’s get this bread.

The “let’s get this bread” phenomenon isn’t technically anything brand new, but it’s experiencing a bit of a resurgence recently, probably thanks to Twitter. A lot of recent phenoms are thanks to Twitter.

According to Urban Dictionary, the phrase roughly translates to “when you rise and grind. Hustle on da streets and earn that paper.”

Basically, it means “let’s get to work.” But pop culture being what it is, no one is content with that simple interpretation, either. Here’s a prime example from those good folk over at Buzzfeed.

For equestrians, constantly perusing Craigslist and Facebook and finding plenty of “thoroughbreads” and “purebreads” for sale, the mental leap does not require huge feats of athleticism.

Save these memes and share them with your friends. Let’s get this bread.

All base photos via Wikimedia/Creative Commons.

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