Literally Just a List of Halloween Costume Ideas For You & Your Horse

Need some last-minute inspiration for this year’s barn Halloween costume parade? Look no further.

Judy Brescia, past Horse Nation costume contest honoree: “Here is my Highland Pony gelding, Circle H MacKenzie, dressed as a pinata.”


Headless Horseman
Racehorse and jockey (bonus points for copying famous silks)
Historical-era lady and horse (bonus points for faux sidesaddle)
Various soldier/knight/horse interpretations
Little Miss Muffet and the spider, with extra legs a-wiggling
“Pony For Sale, Great With Kids”

Time-honored pairings:

Pirate and pirate ship
Hippie and hippie van
Famous artist and painting
Hot dog and mustard (increasingly popular is “taco and salsa”)
Bee and beekeeper
Animal tamer and lion/tiger/bear/oh my

Film/TV/pop culture:

My Little Pony
Various iterations of Disney/Pixar princesses (Belle and Philippe, Mulan and Khan, Merida and Angus, etc)
Lil Sebastian from Parks & Rec — perfect for a mini
Buckbeak and Harry from Harry Potter
Ringwraith from Lord of the Rings
Amazon warrioress from Wonder Woman
Didn’t they briefly ride horses in some of the Thor movies?
The horselike things from Avatar

Punny concepts:

50 shades of gray/bay (only for adult costume parades, please)
Green with envy (write “ENVY” on a tee shirt and sit on your horse in training)
Holy cow (dress as an angel and ride a pinto)
A little hoarse (lead a pony around and cough a lot)
Pig in a blanket (add a curly tail, pink ears and a pink snout and keep the horse’s sheet on)
Pumpkin pie (dress horse as pumpkin and put the pi symbol on your shirt)
Deviled egg (horse is the devil, rider is the egg)
Ice Ice Baby (I just really want to see someone with a mare and foal, or a friend and a young horse, do this, okay?)

Super-simple last minute “I forgot to get a costume” ideas:

Favorite Olympic/WEG pairing based on the color of your horse
Iconic rider from another discipline (cowboy, fox hunter, etc) — borrow tack from a friend
Mr. Ed, if you’re really good at ventriloquy

Go Halloween. Go riding.

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