KER Friday Video: Highlights From Race the Wild Coast

Rockethorse Racing’s Race the Wild Coast ride is aptly named: tough terrain, unpredictable weather, dramatic river swims and some of the most intense riding to be found in the world. Check out the video highlights from the 2018 running!

The second annual running of Race the Wild Coast just wrapped up: competitors fought through four intense days of riding point-to-point, navigating via GPS and basic orienteering, maintaining their mounts and riding some of the most intense undeveloped country in the world. From our comfortable vantage point at home, it appeared to be quite the adventure!

Rockethorse Racing, the production team behind Race the Wild Coast, kept us updated with video snippets via the helicopter. Here are some of our favorite glimpses at Race the Wild Coast that remind us just how the Wild Coast got its name:

Some phenomenal aerial shots of our riders as they start Race the Wild Coast 2018. So far there is only 30 minutes between the first rider who crossed the Mntentu River at 12:46 today and the last, who crossed the Mntentu at 13:19. Ian Patterson is leading the front pack of 10 riders but that could soon change. There have been some struggles, and one fall so far, but there is still everything to play for. Stay tuned for more pics and videos during the course of the race. #RockethorseRacing #RacetheWildCoast #adventure #adventuretravel#adventurehorse #endurancehorse #endurance #endurancerace#wildcoast #enduranceriding #southafrica #raceofalifetime#experienceofalifetime #eastcoast #horseracing #competition #race

Posted by Rockethorse Racing on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Port St Johns

The riders heading though Port St Johns yesterday.Race the Wild Coast is brought to you by KTC Limited and supported by Striped Horse beer.#racethewildcoast #ktc #stripedhorse #endurance #horseriding #enduranceriding #adventure #horseracing

Posted by Rockethorse Racing on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Day 4: Racing down the beach

It’s been another early start for our riders and horses this morning on Day 4 of Race the Wild Coast. We’re expecting all our riders to pass the finish line later today, stay tuned to find out who makes it there first – we anticipate that this may be any time between 12h30 and 14h30 this afternoon…#racethewildcoast is brought to you by KTC Limited and supported by Striped Horse.#ktc #stripedhorse #riding #horseriding #wildcoast #endurance #enduranceriding #smile #rockethorseracing

Posted by Rockethorse Racing on Thursday, October 18, 2018

LIVE UPDATE – JUST IN: Here are RR & AB at the Wavecrest River crossing – racing to the finish! They are now within 5 minutes of the finish line! Stay tuned!#racethewildcoast is brought to you by KTC and supported by Striped Horse.

Posted by Rockethorse Racing on Friday, October 19, 2018

Learn more about Race the Wild Coast at the race’s website or follow on Facebook!

The WEG feed and forage team from Kentucky Equine Research is hard at work getting the first flights of horses set up. About 170 eventing, endurance, dressage, and reining horses have arrived on the venue so far. As horses arrive from abroad, they transfer from the airport to post-arrival quarantine on the venue. Most horses will require a delivery feed and forage to tide them over during the 42-hour quarantine. When the horse is released, anything brought into quarantine has to be disposed of, so a separate order of feed and forage needs to be available when they arrive at competition stabling. Fulfilling these double orders has the team hopping! Stay up-to-date with the latest from behind the scenes at WEG:

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