Thursday Video: ‘Land of the Blue Sky’

Most of us are familiar with the Mongol Derby — the world’s toughest horse race, following the concept of Genghis Khan’s mounted courier system. With this gorgeous drone video, however, you’ll fall in love with the wild country of Mongolia all over again.

We’ve long respected anyone who participates in the Mongol Derby: it’s a thousand-kilometer horse race across the wildest parts of Mongolia aboard the backs of half-broke native horses, completed relay-style. Competitors carry their gear with them, surviving by their wits and sheer willpower as they contest with the horses and Mother Nature. (For a first-person account of the wild race, we recommend our own Leslie Wylie’s account from 2017.)

Our respect extends not only to the competitors, but everyone involved: the organizers, the vet crew, the Mongolian hosts who provide the horses as well as endless support and shelter on the ground. To pull off this unique, dangerous and totally-wild race is a true feat of management and logistics.

But when one isn’t bogged down in the minutiae of organizational details, and remembers to look up, it’s clear even to those of us at home: Mongolia is gorgeous.

This eye-in-the-sky view reminds us that in this world, there are still a few wild places left, where having a good horse and the freedom to roam aren’t just mantras but reality. Learn more about the Mongol Derby at the race’s website.

Go riding!

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