Equestrian Life Hack: How to Move Stall Mats

There’s nothing we love like a good ol’ life hack!

Horse Nation contributor Melanie O’Neill, an event and dressage rider from Bucks County, Pennsylvania, shared this recent mind-blowing equestrian life hack. We’ve all had to contend with the dreaded barn chore of moving, cleaning and then replacing those cumbersome yet necessary stall mats — they’re bulky, heavy and just not designed to be picked up and moved easily.

Melanie found a cheap and easy way to haul those mats around the farm using common materials lying around pretty much every barn we can think of. In Melanie’s words: “I have heard of using clamps or vise grips, but I didn’t have those… and this is free!”

Genius! With just a long section of twine and a few pieces of old hose for secure handles, Melanie made a handy little DIY mat handle in just a few seconds flat.

Thanks, Melanie! Have an equestrian life hack of your own to share? Let us know by emailing [email protected]!

Go riding!

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