Your Turn: Good Try, iPad

Reader Lynn Howland updated her iPad recently, and noticed a little something odd about the new photo system…

Ah, technology: working hard to make our lives a little bit easier, when in reality most of the time you totally muddy the waters. Case in point: the “smart technology” at play in a recent iPad update, as discovered by reader Lynn Howland and kindly submitted to Horse Nation.

The iPad will now group one’s photos based on subject matter — which is all fine and well, until it gets a bit… shall we say… confused.

Fireplace: got it. Yep. These are all… wait, what’s the last one?

Screenshots courtesy of Lynn Howland

Right, that’s not quite it. Okay, cats, though. Cats are easy… oh. No.

Okay, but surely dogs we can’t screw up!

Yeah, no. That’s not even close.

Good try, iPad.

Go riding!

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