Thursday Video: The Ultimate Multi-Tasker

Got a lot of horses to work and limited time to do it? Take a page out of this guy’s playbook.

Disclaimer: we really don’t recommend trying this at home.

Liberty performance trainer Guillame Assire Bechar seems to have a way with horses: while we’ve seen plenty of folks free-lunging or working multiple horses at liberty, we’re not sure that we’ve ever witnessed anyone lunging that many on actual lunge lines! The art of simply juggling that many lines is a feat to behold, not to mention how nicely these five horses all fall into line.

Guillaume Assire Becar Lunging His Horses

#EquestrianLife | PegaseBuzzOn devrait oganiser un championnat de longe et c'est Guillaume Assire Becar qui gagnerait.

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Wednesday, October 3, 2018

But for real, Horse Nation — don’t try this at home. This guy is a professional.

Go riding!

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