World Equestrian Brands Drone Cam: Harvest

It’s harvest time! Take a bird’s eye view at how the corn harvest is done via draft horse team.

On a working farm, autumn is the busiest time of the year — there’s a hustle to get all of the crops in, from hay to corn to vegetables. For the Amish, who work entirely by horsepower, harvest is all about teamwork. Teamwork, in this case, means not only cooperation among your families and neighbors, but harnessing the power of your draft horses!

These five Belgians have clearly been there and done it all: a three-abreast draws a corn picker while another team draws a wagon. Neat, orderly rows and a steady pace get the job done.

Aerial drone view of Amish horse-drawn corn harvest – 4K HD

Harvest time! Aerial drone view of Amish horse-drawn corn harvest. We hope you enjoy watching this Amish family work together to harvest their corn. It's serious manual labor, one row at a time! This video was shot at the former home of Eric's grandparents in Paradise, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It's been 25 years since they moved, but their former Amish neighbors shared many fond memories, and we had a great chat. We received the warmest of welcomes to fly our drone and, with their permission, to post it for your enjoyment!Be sure to like our Facebook page for lots more drone flights around scenic Lancaster County. (We are unpaid, noncommercial drone hobbyists.)#harvest #amish #lancastercounty #farm

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Go driving!

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