Tuesday Video: Leash Policy

For all those times you find yourself riding past a Tractor Supply, this is good to know.

While most stores have a no-dog policy (you know, for obvious reasons) there are a few shops out there that do allow pets to accompany shoppers if they’re leashed. I’ve taken advantage of Tractor Supply Co.’s leash policy quite a few times in the summer months, when it’s too hot to leave my always-gotta-come-to-the-farm-with-me border collie in the car and I need to run in for various farm supplies.

What never occurred to me, however, was that the leash policy could be extended to things other than dogs (and maybe a cat, if someone’s feeling particularly saucy). Upon consultation with store management, the staff at this Tractor Supply let this gentleman know that he could in fact bring his horse in the store to purchase senior feed, as long as the animal stayed “leashed.”

Hence, this man leading his horse into his local TSC.

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Posted by Robin Morris on Sunday, September 2, 2018

While the phrase “bull in a china shop” comes to mind, this particular steed was so well-behaved that we’re sure he or she made the days of everyone who was lucky enough to be in the store at the same time!

Go riding.

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