Fat to Fit to First Level: When Life Gives You Lemons…

Esther’s injury from a fall may take longer to heal than expected. But she’s looking on the bright side!

So I’m grounded for several more weeks. BOO. While broken bones take generally eight weeks or so to heal, apparently some soft-tissue damage can take a lot longer. BOO, again.

I’ve lived long enough and survived enough “bad” things to know that, when life gives you lemons, you’d better be really good at making lemonade. Most horsefolk are great at the whole “lemons-to-lemonade” mind-shift, because, well, horses.

So for the next several weeks, Esther is going to be working Kaliwohi from the ground. I’ll write about that from time to time, but this week, I want to share a few other sips of “lemonade” with you.

First, sometimes we horsewomen (and men) do actually wear clothing that is not covered in muck and hay. Example:

Photo by Esther Roberts

Yes, Esther sometimes enjoys getting a little Jane Austen on, and a recent excursion to the Biltmore Estate provided the perfect opportunity to enjoy leisurely strolls through the impressive manor and impeccably-groomed grounds. I plan to do more “girlie” things during this period of mandatory “stall rest.”

I went to law school to support my equine addiction. Yep, I admit it. I became a lawyer to make a decent living. But I had a life before law; I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in piano. And, while my equine riding partner may be a sassy, saucy, scruffy mustang, my music partner is the equivalent of Valegro himself.

Photo by Esther Roberts

Fortunately, my cabin was built to house a grand piano, so when the opportunity to purchase this Steinway “B” arose earlier this year, I jumped. For a musician, such an opportunity was the equivalent of buying the “warmblood of my dreams” – and I have been looking forward to owning such a fine instrument for many years. So, Sir Steinway and I will have many lovely hours together while my leg continues to heal. (Note to self:  research pieces that have “lemon” or “lemonade” in the title.)

And then, surprise to end all surprises, this just happened:

Photo by Esther Roberts

My first full-length book is being published and will be available for sale in just a few days. My riding partner of twenty-six years, Sam, was and remains my Best. Friend. Ever. This book is about Sam, and is a tribute to my most perfect horse.

Sweet lemonade, indeed.

When I started this journey, I thought by now I’d have all my weight off, Kaliwohi would be working solidly at Training Level, and all would be roses in my world. But life has a way of laughing at the plans of mere mortals. So I live, and I learn, and on I grow.

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Go Riding!

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