WEG Social Media Roundup, September 18

Everything behind-the-scenes from Tryon!

We’re right in the thick of the World Equestrian Games now and the action is heating up: the sun has set on endurance, dressage, reining and eventing, giving way to jumping, para-dressage and combined driving. Here are the highlights from social media over the past few days as we transition into Week Two!

Instagram in particular let us get up close and personal with the cross-country course, emphasizing the sheer size of some of the fences in a way that the live stream couldn’t quite capture:

And that ringside view truly accentuates just how COOL Charlotte Dujardin’s new ride Mount St. John Freestyle is:

There were also some truly unique angles — you’ve never seen cross-country like this:

And if you were curious how they got some of that smooth galloping footage from around the XC course… wonder no longer.

Fortunately, while Sunday was a damp and muddy day that led to a sticky Monday, scenes like this appear to be behind us in Tryon:

Did anyone else catch glimpses of THIS amazing hat on their live feed?

As we shift our focus to jumping, para-dressage, vaulting and combined driving, we bid a fond farewell to the dressage horses. We loved seeing so many of the riders personally accompany their horses to the trailer for the airport:

My personal favorite social media trend for every World Equestrian Games is watching the vaulters do their thing… no matter where they are:

My other favorite thing is watching fresh and fit horses being naughty on the jog strip, and being openly thankful that it’s not me trying to hold on to them:

Big pats and hugs and kisses from Rodolpho Riskalla for his horse in today’s para-dressage ride:

Vaulters are #squadgoals. If you don’t want to dress identical to your squad and run in perfect unison so you can then go ride a horse together while performing incredible feats of anti-gravity, then consider rethinking your priorities.

Keep it locked on Horse Nation for plenty of WEG coverage! Go riding.

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