KER Friday Video: Did Not See That Coming

…but he handled it quite well.

When this horse owner pulled out the camera to grab a video of her horse “Snatcher” getting up to some good-time antics in his paddock, she never imagined she would capture this moment.

Whether Snatcher actually meant to go for a dunk or fully intended to make the turn before plunging headlong into the pond, we may never know… but either way, he definitely handled it like a smooth dude. You can practically hear him say “I meant to do that” as he churns his way across the pond.

I CANNOT believe I caught this on video!! I was just about to turn my camera off! I thought I’d let Snatcher explore the pasture with the pond today and he was so excited. (No it wasn’t the banging that set him off he’d been standing next to the guys working and being nosy all day… he was just happy to take off and stop and take off again which is why I started filming!) I definitely should’ve named this guy Rowdy. He keeps me on my toes!! My first reaction was panic at a potential injury but once I realized he wasn’t hurt (except maybe his pride a little) I could. Not. Stop. Laughing. ????

Posted by Hannah Gilbert on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

According to the video description, Snatcher wasn’t alarmed by the sounds of construction you can hear in the video; he was simply feeling good and taking himself for a run to get the fizzies out — as you do, of course. He’s probably feeling much more quiet after a good unanticipated swim…

Go riding!

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