KER Friday Video: That Friday Feeling

You know the feeling: when you’re knocking off work a few hours early on a Friday afternoon to go get ready for your horse show and have to sneak out the back way so no one sees…

We won’t ask you to actually admit this if you’re still in the workplace reading this right now… but we know we’re all guilty of playing a little hooky on a Friday afternoon, especially if the weather is pristine, you’ve got a big show to start packing for, or, well, it’s Friday and your horse beckons. We’ve all done it — we’ve all snuck out of the office when the boss wasn’t looking, maybe mapping an exit strategy out a secret back door or something…

This horse is your spirit animal.

Smart Polo Pony

#LOL | PegaseBuzzHow smart are polo ponies?Video by Diego Araya:

Posted by PegaseBuzz on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Go out there and tackle that weekend, Horse Nation. Make it a good one!

Go riding.

The WEG feed and forage team from Kentucky Equine Research is hard at work getting the first flights of horses set up. About 170 eventing, endurance, dressage, and reining horses have arrived on the venue so far. As horses arrive from abroad, they transfer from the airport to post-arrival quarantine on the venue. Most horses will require a delivery feed and forage to tide them over during the 42-hour quarantine. When the horse is released, anything brought into quarantine has to be disposed of, so a separate order of feed and forage needs to be available when they arrive at competition stabling. Fulfilling these double orders has the team hopping! Stay up-to-date with the latest from behind the scenes at WEG:

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