Video: How to Mount a Horse

There’s more than one way to get up there.

For most of us, mounting our horses involves some variation of putting one’s left foot in the stirrup and swinging the right leg over to settle in the opposite stirrup before sitting down gently in the saddle. There are plenty of individual variations, such as using a mounting block, using a step or a fence or a gate, mounting from the right or mounting onto a bareback pad or just a plain ol’ back of a horse.

And then there’s this gal and her majestic steed:

Okay, be honest — how smooth did it go the last time YOU tried this process? I attempted to swing up onto my old 14.3-hand reliable gelding and slowly slid down his side, limbs akimbo, with what I imagine was that cartoonish squealing sound of someone sliding down a glass window. Needless to say, this lady makes it look awfully easy.

Fairytale Horse is a truly magical-looking livery located in Russia. Check out its gorgeous Instagram for more amazing videos and photos!

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