Thursday Video: #DressageLife, or Why You Need to Follow Pontus Hugosson

Swedish eventer Pontus Hugosson is our kind of equestrian: namely, he’s not afraid to totally, 100% make a fool of himself on social media for the sake of keeping the rest of us entertained.

If the name Pontus Hugosson sounds slightly familiar to Horse Nation readers, it may be because we shared this gem for an “Oh Crap” Monday, in which the specific line, I believe, was  “we have to admire the self-confidence in Hugosson that said ‘yes, I do want to share this on social media.'”

That seems to be the guiding mantra for this guy, whose Facebook page Pontus Hugosson is actually tagged “@pontushumor.” While Hugosson is still actively training and competing, he’s also carving out a few minutes of his day to create and publish some true equestrian cinematic wonders of our time.

This one, for example, made me actually LOL:

(Facebook videos may take a few moments to load. If you see a blank white space, please be patient as the video loads.)

I don’t know what to say!? #dressagelife

Posted by Pontus Hugosson on Tuesday, August 28, 2018


After getting over my giggles, I found a few more true winners on Hugosson’s page that confirmed that yes, we all need to go follow this guy immediately.

Don’t take it personally!?

Posted by Pontus Hugosson on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

My favorite part of this one is the actual horse casually watching him roll by… I get the impression this is totally normal around Hugosson’s barn:

Superstar all weekend and then monday hits you like..

Posted by Pontus Hugosson on Monday, August 13, 2018

Pontus Hugosson, you’re officially a Horse Nation hero. Go riding!

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